On site and in situ removal of broken glow plugs.

With long experience in the motor trade, we have come across numerous instances of broken glow or
heater plugs as well as broken bolts, studs, drills and taps,  together with stripped internal threads, 
most of which we have successfully repaired with the use of appropriate equipment.

Glow Plug Tip Removal

 We can now removing broken glow plug electrode tips stuck in the cylinder head
 without removing the head with very high success rates.

We now have special tooling to enable the removal of broken glow or
 heater plugs with great success without removing the cylinder head!

We can also remove broken glow plugs with
broken drills, extractors or "easy-outs" in them!

We can travel to your premises or you can bring the vehicle to us.
 Broken off glow plugs can be removed in situ from most modern diesel
 engines as long as reasonable access is obtained and any manifold covers,
pipes etc are removed prior to our visit.

After the removal of any glow plug,
it is the responsibility of the owner / supervisor and person fitting the new plug,
 (if not fitted by us) to check that the retaining threads are satisfactory and
to check that the plug is fitted  correctly and to the correct torque.

If the plug is not fitted by us,
we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent failure!


         We also provide expert thread repair using solid thread inserts or heli-coils. Other methods of repair are available, welding, plugging and machining.

Our mechanics are trained in the use of portable spark eroding equipment to
remove broken taps, drills and studs and in the fitting of wire inserts
 commonly called Helicoils to reclaim stripped internal threads

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